Tuesday, September 14, 2010

China has announced measures in the United States blocked WAPI appeal to the international organizat

To reverse the adverse situation of competition with international standards, China's national technical standards for wireless LAN security standard WAPI interest groups, the U.S. blocked a fierce struggle was launched. Yesterday, the China Broadband Wireless IP Standard Working Group officially released outside was submitted to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) of up to 38, listing the American standard block measures camp 49 complaints files.

The Working Group said its April 29 this year to submit the complaint to the ISO file "unfair activities, not the right process, unfair results: on WAPI-11i voting process and procedures for reporting violations of ethics," and on May 18 Supplementary material "WAPI voting analysis and rebuttal comments" (the former 38, the latter 58). The two documents, the Chinese adopt a tough attitude detailed the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) affect the voting process, "immoral behavior" in order to reverse the current competition in the international standard WAPI unfavorable situation.

WAPI is China's proposed technical standards for wireless LAN security, embody our standards for information security strategy and strategic intent. As the security of existing wireless LAN technology supplement proposals, WAPI and American IEEE's 802.11i technology is the leading platform competition with the chance to become an international standard. American Standard behind the Intel-led group of interest group support, and therefore the international standard WAPI way towards being the unscrupulous block.

March 7 this year, the relevant part of the end of voting, members of the body of 30 countries to vote against WAPI, which is only eight votes. Despite this long expected, but the Chinese WAPI camp was quite angry.

"Vote is unfair, unjust and unacceptable." The Working Group has repeatedly stated. Because the vote is not final, China defeated the United States still have a chance WAPI standard, the success or failure will be overwhelmed by complaints about the situation.

In the complaint file, the Chinese that the United States IEEE continuous "immoral conduct" to influence voting. Such as IEEE and public incitement to other countries to vote against WAPI, organized a conspiracy against WAPI, which have greatly damaged the leadership of the ISO and just creed.

China demands ISO investigation. China firmly that if the investigation confirmed that China is innocent, ISO should be seriously dealt with IEEE, especially those who vote against WAPI should be declared null and void.

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