Sunday, October 24, 2010

Unicom how to benefit from the introduction of geometric iPhone

Yesterday, reporter learned from informed sources Department, China Unicom has signed with Apple's 3-year exclusive marketing agreement smartphone iPhone, expected to be bundled in by the end of September to sell 3G version of the way iPhone. This means that China Mobile can not at least 3 years in cooperation with Apple.

iPhone (mobile internet) a great success in overseas Unicom can be copied? Unicom after the introduction of iPhone can actually benefit from geometry?

State Securities analyst Kim Yun Chen says that the iPhone, China Unicom exclusive means that users of China Mobile, iPhone, if you want to use, the number must be replaced by China Unicom. The 3G iPhone will be the interchange at the high end start-up phase to seize breakthrough opportunities. IPhone is expected to 2 years after the introduction of China Unicom will be a net increase of 5.6 to 12.8 million high-end users.

Chen Yun-hong said in its report, iPhone Unicom will have a substantial and significant impact on performance. China Unicom is expected to iPhone will bring the introduction of eight million to 16 million high-end users, including a net increase of users from 5.6 to 12.8 million. Meanwhile, China Unicom's ARPU value will improve.

However, the telecommunications industry veteran items Ligang that "Apple's iPhone in the global market share less than 1% of the operator's influence is limited. For some smaller operators such as Japan's Softbank, Apple's iPhone may have some influence, but China Mobile, Unicom, Apple iPhone 3G telecom operators have limited impact on the competitive pattern. "

A mobile phone industry market to reporters, also on how to benefit from the number of China Unicom have a conservative attitude. The person that first introduced the iPhone Unicom removed WIFI function, which makes losing a major feature of iPhone. Second, the domestic has been more than 100 million parallel iPhone users, but some of the NPC are for young people, mainly in China Mobile's 2G network platforms, mainly Chinese and the Apple iPhone's cool, not more multi-use mobile Internet, or Apple's value-added services. China Unicom hopes to attract business by iPhone customers, expand its mobile internet service, iPhone customer base and Unicom's target group may be different. In addition, iPhone a big success in foreign reason, benefit from the protection of intellectual property rights abroad, through the Apple APP store to download software and music are to be paid, and the domestic environment, the market is not mature, consumers are not used to charge music downloads.

The parties also proposed another concern: Why Apple China Mobile and China Unicom to give up the final contract is obviously to make greater concessions to China Unicom. The 3G market in China is not clear under the premise of the introduction of 3G in China Unicom spent a lot larger or braving the risk of underwriting Unicom annual 100-2000000 iPhone can all sold out? Does that mean China Unicom limited resources, a substantial subsidy on the iPhone also means reducing subsidies on other 3G phones, thus affecting the overall 3G market in China Unicom training?

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Listen to sounds of nature: APE Music to restore high-quality CD

APE is the world's only recognized lossless audio compression format, due to its sampling rate 800kbps ~ 1400kbps, close to the music CD's 1411.2kbps, much higher than the MP3's 128kbps, so it compressed the sound quality and source almost no difference in sound quality paper, the sound quality of the best has been a strict blind listening tests, has been recognized worldwide enthusiasts to listen to sounds of nature APE will enable you standing on the edge destination, a better understanding of the music to convey meaning.

1. Configuring EAC

APE CD to restore high-quality software is the need to use Exact Audio Copy (referred to as EAC). This is a present the most outstanding audio processing software, not only has to read the data many times and ensure data accuracy, and support ATAPI and SCSI drives can play CD, can also be connected to the Internet broadcast CD, and many other advantages. As long as the proper setting, its production out of the CD image, fully able to achieve in the digital level, exactly the same with the original CD. Even the most rigorous way to compare binary compare differences in copy and original, the effect is surprisingly consistent.

Run EAC, the software will automatically activate the configuration wizard to help you configure EAC options. Some of them need to be pre-set option is good. First, you want to select in the configuration wizard, and ready to read or write audio CD-ROM drive, shown in Figure 1, especially for multi-drive users, this step is critical, recommended choice burner.

Figure 1 CD-ROM options

Enter the next step, the wizard will let you choose the speed or the need for attention to precision music quality, choice later within the disc into the CD drive and click "Next" button, the wizard will automatically detect the CD-ROM drive quality. Detection includes CD-ROM drive is a precision flow (Accurate Stream) features, whether the buffer (Cache) audio data, ability, whether to support the C2-level error detection, which three pairs of EAC properly capture the data and restore CD is a big influence.

Figure 2 Layout Editor

瀹屾垚 examinations, the wizard will allow you to decide whether an external MP3 encoder input used to query a database of e-mail address Freedb, Genju Zishenqingkuang making your selection, or the completion of the entire configuration.

2. Start Restore

In the Restore CD to be ready before the first reduction of CUE APE files, CUE files with the original CD the track record of start time information, reducing time to ensure that this information is correct, can 100% restore the sound quality stampers.

If you have not downloaded to the APE with CUE files, you must first create a CUE file. Saved as a single in the entire CD by EAC APE files on "Operation 鈫?grab image and create CUE Sheet Files" command to create; independent of each song is saved as a single APE file, you can use the "operation 鈫?Create CUE Sheet Files "in" multiple WAV files with calibrated gap "to create a standard CUE file. In addition to the standard for EAC CUE file and most other burning software called Nero burn discs, it can also be Daemon-Tool and other virtual drive software for simulation CD.

CUE file is ready, the main interface in the EAC menu and select "Tools 鈫?Burn CD-R", the pop-up "CD layout editor" window, shown in Figure 2. In this select "File 鈫?load CUE Sheet", and then select the CUE file, you receive an error message window. Do not worry, this is because at this time into the CUE file is recorded in the original conversion information, so the path shown, or was, of course, was wrong. Click "OK" after the show "Edit CUE Sheet" window, shown in Figure 3, see you here some of the APE to highlight the way the path highlighted, as long as each track will be changed to the current APE file path where the file path.

Figure 3 Edit CUE Sheet

CUE edited after a restore progress bar will appear, after reduction, through its "CD-R" menu, select "Burn CD-R", you can start recording original CD.

Editor Note: If EAC does not support your burner model, you need to use burning software like Nero to burn them, or use Daemon-Tool like the virtual drive software to simulate an audio CD and then burn them.

In addition, EAC also has automatic access to records from the network database functions. As long as your computer can access, EAC will be able to get songs from the network name, of information and CD information. This compressed file name out of their own would not have a hard one entered, and will not go wrong.



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Monday, October 11, 2010

"Predatory" After personal feelings

Download DEMO, install, run. Beginning of the animation in a similar "xxxx xx nominated in the best," the statement heap Chu lot into the game after the selection menu. Implementation of the game.

Screen area, this PREY It appears to do than before The Chronicles of Riddick and Quake 4 still good. Inside the spacecraft, the face of those physical walls with luster and greasy feel beautiful (though still a little sick). Walls and objects on the same real-time processing is also very beautiful dark side (I will not speak if true). But friends said that before listening to people face to reduce the performance of real-time lighting, the first without too much attention. This game is also optimized line. At least I have opened most of the effects (Shader is the most important)

Sound effects, the personal feeling quite satisfactory. Protagonist's grandfather spoke without a denture funny accent, a good rifle shooting mode is not like the voice of individuals (which can put the gun shots and Q4 of that fight was the standard submachine gun). Similar to the sound of the hand grenade range of the more interesting insects.

Then dissected the game, creativity and details.

It is played in 360-degree gravity, so to play with if so people will put too dizzy ~ ~. Another application of gravity should also be reasonable, not only able to achieve many hidden items, but also through the barrier must be. Interestingly, if the standing piece of the enemy were killed after the gravity belt will "fly" together (if the main character will immediately jump about flapping Avenue). This is a very interesting idea. There is the kindly step into the X's part, actually ran the 'show' the ball inside ...... 360 FPS in previous years, there is a game series called DESCENT belong to 360 combat, but that is driving the spacecraft.

DEMO in the time being there are several enemies. Q4 soldier guns very similar style, but after the soldier was hit (especially the sniper gun 1 models) will be the impact force of inertia about the details of the bounce of the good; while inside the creative role that slavery has very similar to Half Life 2 Combine services to those inside the transformation of slaves, but the latter is more innocent than the former ~. The slave is a feature of the role of limbs can be destroyed. I accidentally smashed his head with the sniper mode, the result is still leap out of the ~ my friend had wanted to try to fight the results in advance to be flapping feet dead ~.

Weapons, DEMO Fifth weapons, plus a main character's left hand. Fairly compare alternative weapons configuration is not like most FPS basically divided into hand-held weapons (pistol), shotgun type weapons, automatic weapons, but one half of dual-use biological-like worship sniper rifle and a shape similar to the Q4 The Nailgun's fashion weapons. Grenade-type weapon turned out to be bugs!? This innovative and HL1 of the insect bomb quite like the (sound of more lovely ~~ Not by R-loading weapons. That a good gun to add the 3 different bullets and then have a different attack. Freeze the enemy attack was interesting, and this is an idea. Is indeed the same company ah. More formal version in certain types of attacks. For example you can barbecue dinosaur, or launching a similar function to trap nets, and so on. .

In addition, after every pick up new weapons and automatic weapons have a set of small animations. Unfortunately, only see once.

Other areas:

Space is converted, Doraemon Duola A dream frequently used random circles and random door was a large number of spacecraft in "use." Through this technology is always enemy suddenly appears (armed with intelligent humanoid enemies). The eagle is often prompted protagonist protagonists, but also help lead against the enemy. Aspects of creativity is also a good blood is stored inside the spacecraft had similar access to bio-energy and fun than to take the medical box, the protagonist from the body of ideas very useful .........

Looking forward to the official version of the game that ordinary TimeShift ~ In addition to the present still no news

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Career Planning in the family lost interest in the career you want to lock

Career planning, refers to conditions based on their subjective and objective analysis of environmental factors to establish their own career development objectives, choosing a career to achieve this goal, and the development of appropriate work, training and education programs, and according to some schedule, take the necessary action to achieve career goals

The Ministry of Education pointed out: first grade understand ourselves, and second-year lock interested in career three-year vocational training to enhance a destination, the initial completion of fourth grade students to professional role change. Anwell professional consultants in the country have been the first to propose: a career life plan is the best time in high school, because the entrance is the first time ever, professional orientation, this time as to know their strengths and weaknesses, interests and expertise , based on this selection ambitions, later stages of the specific circumstances under continuous modification and improvement. To career planning from the University into the university's first day of school began with four years of study and life simultaneously. To the college will not "cramming" is the employment panic. In the face of the current forms of employment, not earlier start with, we must later employment. Whoever professional looking for a job, whoever got the first bucket of gold.

College students "career planning", a "market orientation", "Career Design" at the college must be completed. China's universities, employment currently doing very place. There are 63.8% of the students completing the University of volunteers, were not considered in the future occupations, 50% of the students dream of being formed in college, 20% of students graduate with more yet to form a clear career vision. Lead to two-thirds of students are professional confused, can not see the future, are confused family.

One, willing to stay in the area of the lost family of Mang

Professional is the greatest event, there are more important than the job it? Professional fear no plans, career planning is pre-Cheng Guangming it? Various positions of each profession are different make early career planning to do for their own. Lost a family can not do, blindly doing things and take a detour, and lose time cost less than regret. However some people to the senior year of college, even after graduation have done one or two of work, not your life career planning, how can we not lost?

Anwell career counselor Case 1: Osamu just the freshman year, it was seen from Shige Shijie Men's Lang Beixiang job, their future and felt confused and often contact with career counseling, but let him make a career planning, He said: "I have the best understanding of their own, they will do their own planning." But really done, they believe their own vain, did not always end in mind, therefore, has graduated from university this year, has not formed its own goals , is still a confused nation, often in a quandary, looking for work or do not know what to do. Later, see the career planning of students do have a class early on, but his graduation six months and you still do not know what came looking for professional consultants, and seeing a 30-year-old white-collar workers make up most do, some people get some results even up to a certain height, followed by a career bottleneck, made detours, no plan had suffered greatly before they know treasure, planning to spend the. Osamu popular education, This feeling that something really useful. So under the guidance of the consultants made a career planning, and get the right Office.

Second, the purpose of job evaluation as a

As to the hospital for a variety of inspection, are means, through inspections, analyze the results to the doctors, ultimately confirmed, as the purpose of treatment, vocational evaluation is a means, not ends. Through the evaluation results, according to consultants to provide analysis, object to the planning of the index analysis, to explore their own strengths and potential, thereby positioning them to science to find the various stages of development platform. By analyzing the results of planning a development goal and direction, determine how professional every step of the walk, ride how each platform, then according to subjective and objective reasons for the changes, timely feedback and correction, the planning object is always along one direction, step by step moving forward, finally successful, this is the ultimate goal of professional evaluation.

Anwell career counselor Case 2: Assessment of small stars do not know, but are concerned about their future. That we are busy looking for work to do before the career planning, career counselor to find himself, said: "I do not want to do evaluation, just want to ask you to help me plan this." Career counselor patiently told him: "The key is you No evaluation done, we do not understand your potential, how do you conclude scientific orientation? as doctor to the patient of the condition of patients, diagnosed, there is no way to prescribe the same job is the greatest thing, not babbling about something random that the wrong people can not, I hope you understand correctly. vocational orientation as a means to career goals and their potential as well as subjective and objective conditions in the best match. good professional orientation based on their best talent, best personality, best interest The most favorable environment based on the information. vocational orientation process to consider the personality and career matching, interests and career matching, matching expertise and professional, professional and career matching. "they realized how little star matter, is pleased to make a professional evaluation and career planning, and carrying professional consultants to provide the evaluation report and the consultation report, happy to find work.

Third, finding a job should be planning a career as a platform

Career development in a planned, purposeful, not blindly, "hit the jackpot" that many of our career, career planning setback is not as good. Good plan is the beginning of success, is an old saying, everything "is pre-established, while not pre-waste" is the truth.

Each period has a different development platform for each period, the best job in accordance with the direction of development, career planning should be a certain platform. Suitable mainly for his work to see prospects. Then a platform, a platform going up, step by step out of their own success. Everyone's job primarily based on individual find employment in different entry points, otherwise, confused to find a job, not for themselves, lead to job dislocation. Actually swinging at the side aisle, never on the right track. Because the wrong direction, further and further wrong. After a few years back and saw the pace of his career trajectory disorder, out of a winding path, winding back and forth of trouble. Others had started ten years later returned to the starting point, completely lost. Frequently elusive, anxious, bottlenecks, frustration, stands at a crossroads, vacillating, step fixed step with the loss of time cost, wasted youth and never found again.

Anwell career counselor Case 3: small text is a director of certain sales performance, but for a nearly 30-year-old female, professional adolescent about to lose, immediately facing the Occupational bottleneck. So, she requested the consultant did for her career. Done in the original salesman and now graduate student studying human resource service based on the career counselor advised her to the next development platform for customer service executive search firm, and then to do a large company human resources manager, and finally back to a career consulting firm consultants. However, a small paper heart, knowing that to do so for their own development, but they do not want to pay sales, after some hesitation, the last six months or a drag. Six months later, the text is really small fixed step was a step up, should not regret his only stared at the hundreds of dollars at the expense of future development, think of the implementation of the program have been lost on the six months.

Fourth, the implementation of career planning decisions on their own

Some people have a good understanding of the career planning, career planning, but made after the implementation of the decisions on their own or not to implement their own, as to the hospital the doctor to open a decoction, he refused to be afraid of hard to eat, open the drug needles, he painlessly refused to fight, themselves, and the result is looked sick, side is opened, but did not cure disease, there is not the result flowering phenomenon. For example, you need a platform to position the 5 conditions, your resume with 3 or 4, so you can not give up, be sure to board the platform. However, you have enough voltage, the lack of competitiveness, need to post information, to add some knowledge, this lack of an add. Some people lose time, hard charging, as soon as the voltage increased, the current increase. Some people do not care, when you need to add the knowledge of a certain difficulty is not resolved to refuse to learn, so I missed the job opportunity for career planning difficult.

Anwell career counselor Case 4: Xiaoyong after graduation to do a business salesperson, resigned because of problems looking for work committed a wrong, or not found after six months. Anwell professional consultants to do career planning, through evaluation, Xiaoyong is very suitable for sale under its planned gold content of a platform to do more advanced sales staff, the ultimate goal of a marketing manager. Xiaoyong on career planning to do quite satisfactory, one month later, when asked to track career counselor effect, the same few people for planning required to find a suitable job. Only Xiaoyong restore to stand at attention, said: "This is of no use ah!" Consultant, asked in detail about the original Xiaoyong to do the planning and actual implementation of the detached, felt the need to add knowledge difficult, there is no additional learning. Counselor inspired him: "The correct understanding of career planning is that effective design requires realistic career goals, career planning is the key to the development, goals determine your direction, no goal, and always also not even think about success. goal is the starting point of career planning is also planning to lead a person to implement great power. inspiration and encouragement to a person and removing obstacles and interference, no lingering, no hesitation, no compromise, go forward, fully committed objectives. to develop career goals to achieve action program, there must be specific measures to guarantee the behavior. no action can only be a dream career goals. to develop a comprehensive action program, but to pay attention to the implementation of the Programme of Action . For example: how to improve their overall quality? how to improve their skills? how to make up their own weaknesses? How to create promotion opportunities? these specific, detailed and feasible plan of action is the means to achieve goals and tools will help you step step to achieve goals, to succeed. "in the consultant's help, Xiaoyong determined to make up their own knowledge deficiencies, quickly boarded the career planning by objectives the first step.

Anwell chief career counselor Mr. Guo Ce Tips:

Mang family out of the area so confused effective way is to make early career planning, the direction of his mind, to have goals, career path smooth sailing, get a career path is a straight line. Otherwise, Mang area where Rao Rao to go, they will out of curve, or a circle, then Rao Rao had started back to the origin.

Career planning is the need for the test of practice and continuous improvement, because human knowledge is the most complex and changeable, not easy, to go through constant practice and confirm the same time, through gradual adjustment to make career planning a more explicit. The human variability would lead to people changing career planning goals. Therefore, the whole career planning to implementation to test, to see how well all aspects of career planning and timely diagnosis of problems, identify appropriate countermeasures and to adjust and perfect planning. Among them, the whole planning process of the correct self-evaluation is the most basic, most core aspect of the ring to do good or deviation will result in all aspects of the career planning problems.

In career planning to do when everyone is not the same as its own and external environment, setting future goals are also different, you can not very well informed about the future outside of some of their own potential ability to be adequate knowledge, which requires continuously in the implementation of the revised planning based on feedback to make it more in line with the objective environment. Re-employment options, adjust the time frame of goals, career route settings, and target their own amendments, all areas are modified. And to fully realize and understand the associated environmental, assessment of environmental factors on their own career development impact, analysis of the characteristics of environmental conditions, the development and changes, grasp the advantages and limitations of environmental factors. Understanding of the profession, the industry's position, situation and development trend.

Effective career design feedback but also through the workplace, random tuning the career goals, reflect on the possible degree of strategic programs, fit and probability of success. In order to meet the requirements of the workplace situation, and his career as the next round of design reference.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

China has announced measures in the United States blocked WAPI appeal to the international organizat

To reverse the adverse situation of competition with international standards, China's national technical standards for wireless LAN security standard WAPI interest groups, the U.S. blocked a fierce struggle was launched. Yesterday, the China Broadband Wireless IP Standard Working Group officially released outside was submitted to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) of up to 38, listing the American standard block measures camp 49 complaints files.

The Working Group said its April 29 this year to submit the complaint to the ISO file "unfair activities, not the right process, unfair results: on WAPI-11i voting process and procedures for reporting violations of ethics," and on May 18 Supplementary material "WAPI voting analysis and rebuttal comments" (the former 38, the latter 58). The two documents, the Chinese adopt a tough attitude detailed the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) affect the voting process, "immoral behavior" in order to reverse the current competition in the international standard WAPI unfavorable situation.

WAPI is China's proposed technical standards for wireless LAN security, embody our standards for information security strategy and strategic intent. As the security of existing wireless LAN technology supplement proposals, WAPI and American IEEE's 802.11i technology is the leading platform competition with the chance to become an international standard. American Standard behind the Intel-led group of interest group support, and therefore the international standard WAPI way towards being the unscrupulous block.

March 7 this year, the relevant part of the end of voting, members of the body of 30 countries to vote against WAPI, which is only eight votes. Despite this long expected, but the Chinese WAPI camp was quite angry.

"Vote is unfair, unjust and unacceptable." The Working Group has repeatedly stated. Because the vote is not final, China defeated the United States still have a chance WAPI standard, the success or failure will be overwhelmed by complaints about the situation.

In the complaint file, the Chinese that the United States IEEE continuous "immoral conduct" to influence voting. Such as IEEE and public incitement to other countries to vote against WAPI, organized a conspiracy against WAPI, which have greatly damaged the leadership of the ISO and just creed.

China demands ISO investigation. China firmly that if the investigation confirmed that China is innocent, ISO should be seriously dealt with IEEE, especially those who vote against WAPI should be declared null and void.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Topic: Green Dam How unfortunate?

Very sad, green dam has not been formally published, they were gang resigned to nothing.

Green Dam anxious to be eradicated people about for several reasons: First, some people say the Green Dam can shield the pornographic sites, which prevents them from certain requirements; Second, some people say the Green Dam prevented the network free hinder the freedom of speech, the installation of the green bar will be monitored. Therefore, many people strongly opposed to the green bar, against the government regulation on the Internet.

Green Dam is shielded sexual content, because the green bar itself is tailored for the protection of minors and the software. This is the fundamental purpose of the Green Dam available. If adults feel that green bar the way of her, can a discharge is over. Any country, any government will be the protection of minors as a very important and urgent task. This is the case of China, the United States but also the case in Europe, no exceptions. Our neighbors South Korea, to the health of the Internet, on more than 20 million people visit the site, have long practiced real names. However, primary and secondary students in China is to provide a healthy and convenient online green space, it was such a denigration How unfortunate?!

Some people not only against the green bar, many people abroad against the green bar, here including the promotion of "network without borders," Microsoft, as well as Western countries and has consistently called for "freedom and democracy" in the media. To be honest, I did not think the West will have a software so interested in China, even before understanding the green dam their "exaggeration." But seriously, one would think, naturally, the Western community, particularly the Western media would like to wear the "colored glasses" view of China. They are used to using the Internet to "change the" other "unfriendly" or "disobedient" countries. Far, former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright once hopes to use the Internet, "change" the Communist regime; close, and now the Iranian situation so chaotic that U.S. popular social networking site "Twitter" on "ordered" as a non- glorious role. In view of this, we is not difficult to imagine why the West is so interested in the Green Dam. This I do not know the Green Dam lucky or unlucky?!

Green Dam is not some people's "imaginary enemy", nor of the West, "the latest discovery", it is only to protect China from online pornography to minors harmful software, is to create a web of green space and health of the software, only this only. NPC does not like it can "give up as cover fit the shoes", as installed or not installed, complete our free, others do not worthwhile to make irresponsible remarks, as he does not want equipment to make irresponsible remarks on the other, like the Green Dam.

The recent "Global Times" an article commentary entitled "Do not misuse freedom is the best protection," This represents the relationship between freedom and regulation. Freedom be abused, will inevitably lead to stricter regulation, as South Korea, like real-name system. I think, in July, a number of green dam system is unloaded is inevitable. There is a saying, but I have to say: We can not have visible green bar, but did not must not mind the invisible Green Dam. This is for children, but also for ourselves, even we can not leave the Internet.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Easy to master with your line of sub-chain migration concepts and action

In practical applications, if the line sub-chain and line relocation is frequently removed, it may not be reused block free space, so in this case, we should make use of space, you can set the pctused high point during the operation mainly in the INSERT trigger line sub-chain operation. The line of migration caused mainly by the UPDATE operation.

Bank Link

Line links: Insert or Update cause, there is a different block of Row, row by different parts of different block address (ROWID) chain into a chain, can be set large DB_BLOCK_SIZE to reduce the occurrence of the link line, but can not be avoided (LOB) .

Bank Transfer: Update cause, as PCTFREE too small, ROWID unchanged, can be reduced by increasing the value of PCTFREE line of migration occurred.

Line sub-chain is not big enough DB_BLOCK_SIZE settings, so that the line for some big (like varchar2 (32666), blob, clob of length greater than the block size (eg 4K)) certainly can not save a block row, we need to keep separate line to a different block. in particular blob of this type, it is best to set up a separate table space to hold the actual data.

Contains a LONG / LONG RAW column, in this case, which is usually stored in the last Oracle maintain a LOB locator to allow quick access to the line outside the LOB. LOB locator, about 24 bytes, DISABLE STORAGE IN ROW save the line parameter to achieve outside the (scatter), regardless of data size of the row sub-chain is difficult to control (unless DB_BLOCK_SIZE by choosing large enough, can hold the line It is usually impossible). However, the line moved through the CREATE / ALTER TABLE command parameters PCTFREE and PCTUSED effective control.

Another line of links is the line occurred in the conduct of successful migration, such as UPDATE operation caused. When the update line to increase the size of the current free block is not enough space to lay down the line, then put the whole line to take out adequate space into a block (if not block up the necessary space for the entire line, line be divided into chain; if even if it is divided into chains still not enough space, then an error message "ORA-1650-55: Unable to extend).

Bank Transfer

If we want to update a row (update always allowed), and its line up, while the increase of the line is larger than the space required for block of free space. If we put a line in the extra space into another a block, while another line on the original block (which is the line of sub-link), so that block 100% of the original fill. This seems to only happen in a separate row, ORACLE will move this entire line to the other block can accommodate the space (this is the line of migration). This will remain in the original block in a line head, the first in line to retain the put the address of the actual line of block. The line links, but the application never know, use the SQL are no different, he just performance reasons. If the index to read through this line, the index will point to the first new block Not only is the use of two IO read about the index, plus a 1 IO to read this table to keep using PCTFREE free space per block, allowing line is still in the original block, do not control this expansion.

If PCTFREE is 0, then all the free space will be used INSERT, UPDATE will line up to move to another block to fit the needs of expansion.

In the ideal case, set PCTFREE for the median size in line with the maximum values. For example, if the size of the median line is estimated at about 900 bytes, maximum line size of 1255 bytes, then set the PCTFREE value 10 (default) and 30 between the more reasonable.

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